Ep.1 - Cidercast: The Beta Episode

The first episode of the Cidercast, the new technology podcast from Jimmerish FM is now on the scene.  It Features @yagankiely and @theguycalledtom as your weekly hosts.

We are including the first episode of the Cidercast in the regular Jimmerish FM feed as a sample but from then on it will exist on its own out at Cidercast.com.  So, to subscribe to this podcast head on out to it's subscribe page.  Of course, recordings of the podcast will still be broadcast live on Jimmerish FM so that you can interact with other listeners at the usual place.

Today on Cidercast we discuss Final Cut Pro X, Google+, The future of web apps on mobile devices and updates to the iOS5 beta and Google Sync. Get in touch with us! On Twitter: @cidercast Email: mailbag@cidercast.com and even suggest topics for our next episode on our reddit at submit.cidercast.com or with the hashtag #cidercast
Show Notes: