The J Show: Bree the Ambulance Officer

This is another of our interviews for our "Test" series of podcasts to get this wagon on the move. Today we have a timely, yet fairly casual talk to Bree, a West Australian ambulance officer about what life is like for an Ambo.
I say timely because a recent Four Corners episode has caused a stir in Western Australia. A number of paramedics have "blown the whistle" on some serious issues facing the way ambulance services are handled in WA. The impact of the episode has motivated Health Minister Kim Hames to organise a review into the cases depicted on the show.
However, around Jimmerish FM, It's a pretty casual affair that devolves into a ramble about local vs general anesthetic and Transformers at various stages. I try getting my hard hitting journalism skills out but I don't have much success.
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