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I've received some emails from a number of listeners asking if there is anything they can do to support us. Jimmerish FM is an art project more than anything else, certainly not a commercial operation. However, If you enjoy what we do, then the best way to help us out (other than telling your friends about us on Facebook / Twitter) is to "Flattr" us.

Flattr is a way of giving a virtual tip to all your favourite internet "things".  First add funds to your Flattr account, which is kind of like your tipping allowance for the month. You can Flattr individual things like Fangin Around episodes or you can just "subscribe" to one thing, like Jimmerish FM. At the end of the month, your allowance is distributed amongst all the things you have "Flattred".

Hit the Flattr button below to Flattr us, and if you are a fan of the radio station, rather than the individual podcasts, consider a Flattr subscription by hitting the Flattr button again after your first Flattr. Thanks!
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