The Next Phase: Setting A Schedule

So the summer of Jimmerish FM is almost here and I need to set a schedule. Unfortunately, despite trying to give my other work a perfectly reasonable allocation of my time, they will do their best to disrupt whatever schedule I set. Not that anyone who is reading this actually cares but the current draft schedule is:

Sunday 1pm

Wednesday 8pm
The Untitled weekly review show - (With drinks).

Saturday 1pm
Arts Show

In Australia Sunday and Monday are generally the most boring days on the internet, so I'm hoping that recording shows on Saturday and Sunday and releasing them the day after will help fill the void for others.

I also really want to do a show that alternates between Movie/Scripted TV/Video Game discussions and reviews and 'Commentaries' of movies. Where I'll fit that in, I'm not sure yet, I'll keep you posted.