We are slowly putting together a number of help videos to show you how to get the most out of Jimmerish FM, however, until every topic gets a video please see the following list of text instructions to see if they help you with your issue:

Text Instructions (aka videos tutorials we haven't made yet):

If you are having problems accessing any of content on Jimmerish FM, please send an email with your problem to:
(replace [at] with @)

We will then endeavor to write up some more instructions or make another video. Until then, check the videos we have made:

Help Videos

The following are a series of raw, unrehearsed video tutorials to help you out experiencing Jimmerish FM to it's full potential. If you are having trouble getting the Jimmerish FM podcasts or listening to us Live. Watch the videos and see how easy it can be!

How to Get the Jimmerish FM Podcasts:

Syncing your podcasts to your iPhone / iPod:

Using the Podcast Features and Jimmerish FM website on your iPhone / iPod Touch:

Mobile Podcasts on Jimmerish Fm: