Help Video - How To Get The Jimmerish FM Podcasts

Still haven't worked out how to listen to Jimmerish FM?

Never fear! James is here! I'm starting a series of raw and unrehearsed youtube tutorial videos that will hold your hand and show you how to listen to Jimmerish FM content as well as other cool aspects of the website.

First off, we have a video about how to actually get the Jimmerish FM podcasts so that you can listen to them. It will show you how to subscribe so that you can get future episodes downloaded automatically to your computer. (We use Safari in this tutorial, if you use Firefox and you get stuck on the simple extra step required, see this video.) So watch the youtube video below! There are no excuses now, its all free and simple.

Those of you on ADSl 2+ or faster, click the "HD" button on the youtube player to watch in High Definition. Then click the full screen button (Immediately to the right of the HD button). It's almost like having my computer on your computer!

  • We have an extra video for Firefox users who freak out about the dialogue box that pops up when you click the Subscribe (via iTunes) link.
  • If you use IE to surf the web, and the process in this tutorial doesn't work for you, well, not even Aslan can help you. (Kidding, see below for manual process)
  • If you use Chrome (at least in the Mac version) or anything else that this tutorial fails to deal with, you are going to have to subscribe manually by copying and pasting the RSS feed address into iTunes manually. The address to copy is:
  1. Then, in iTunes go to the Advanced Menu --> Subscribe to Podcast...
  2. Then paste the RSS feed url into the box that pops up.
  3. Click Ok
  4. Done.
Perhaps I'll make a video of how to do it manually later but I want to reward the more awesome people with Safari and Firefox.