First official mobile podcast has already gone up!

Yeah! So easy to do, i did it all on a break at work.  It's amazing how good it sounds considering that I was in a very noisy cafe on a street and it was recorded on the built in iPhone mic!

Check it out! (Read up here if you have no idea what I'm talking about).  You would have got it instantly if you were following this project's twitter

I'm watching WWDC to see when iPhone OS 3.0 arrives officially.  Once that comes iPhone users can be notified instantly when mobile podcasts come online (In theory with universal push notification support).  Wow, exciting times in technology.

Most recent update:
  • You can login to MobileMe on any browser and see where your phone is on a Google Map.
  • Lets you send your phone a message -- a special alert sound will play, regardless if your phone is on silent or not. (When you lose it down your couch and you can't call it because you had it on silent!)
  • If your phone really is lost or stolen, you can send it a remote wipe command that will delete all of your data (mail, contacts, etc). If you do find the phone, it will be restored from a backup.
Holy crap!  The future is here!