Jimmerish FM: The Menu

So, what's on the menu at Jimmerish FM? Here is a list of the shows that we are planning on running. The names have yet to be confirmed. They will likely feature a rotating panel of guests.
  • Consumption - We ask, what content have you been consuming? What do you hate, what do you recommend? Books, Plays, Movies, Video Games, Exhibitions, TV, Music and more.
  • Elusive Isolation - What's happening in the Perth Arts Communtiy, building culture in Perth.
  • Dear Aunt Betty - Agony Aunt taken to the max.
  • World View - Conceptual conversation, with wine. Hitting the hard topics, Euthanasia cool? Shark vs Crocodile? Who knows. We hope to have a mixture of artists and scientists on the panel.
  • "The Project" - Following the organisation of an event from start to finish. We'll be recording the production meetings.
This is just the beginning!