Our Shows

The J Show
Intimate one on one conversations with creatives and other interesting people. Once recorded in studio, now often out and about in locations nobody else would think to podcast at. You can only subscribe to these shows via the main feed but you can find the individual episodes here.

Late Nights
The J Show set at night involving either alcohol or an exotic location for a podcast recording. You can only subscribe to this show via the main feed but you can find the individual episodes here.

Legacy Shows

Cursory Conversation
A Jimmerish FM chat show with a co-host recorded from a different location each episode. We discuss tricky topics and resurrect Fangin Around's famous question "What have you been consuming?". Subscribe to Jimmerish FM's main feed to get episodes delivered to your podcast app of choice. You can find the individual episodes here.

Fangin' Around
The hit round-table panel show recorded by the DnD Club crew when a game is not in session. It started off as a show about automobiles but turned into an epic exploration of science, art and pop culture within minutes of the first episode beginning.

Betty and the Beast
An agony-aunt style show run by the lady friends of Jimmerish FM. Submit questions about your love-life and get answers from your new virtual best friends instead of boring experts. [Not Currently In Production]

DnD Club
Dungeons and Dragons played live on air! Listen into the epic stories told by the DMs from the Fangin Around crew. Come for the Dungeons, stay for the anecdotes! You can also keep track of our stories via our Wiki.

The Cidercast is a tech podcast following the latest trendsetting developments in the industry from the likes of Apple, Google and more. Co-hosted by Yagan Kiely. It is published separately from the rest of Jimmerish FM over here.

Elusive Isolation
This was an experimental podcast to try and get Perth's most creative artists in all sorts of fields together in round-table discussions about what they are up to and what other art have they been "consuming". [Not Currently In Production]

Alt Commentaries
Where we record alternative commentary tracks to movies that we love. Find the tracks we have made here. Subscribe to its individual feed here.