Live Show Chat

We broadcast our podcast recordings LIVE on TuneIn Radio. That means you can interact with us via chat and Twitter while we record!

How To Join Us
  1. Follow @jimmerishfm on Twitter and select "Turn on notifications" for this account to receive low volume alerts of when we go live.
  2. Then listen via TuneIn Radio
  3. (For best results, get the free mobile TuneIn app on iOS or Android. If it doesn't autoplay search for "Jimmerish FM" to find us in the TuneIn directory and hit "Follow" to save us to your presets.)
    1. Or you can manually listen in your Browser or app of choice via this link: http://listen.jimmerishfm.com:8124/live.m3u
    2. Or we sometimes even stream direct to Facebook / Periscope / RAUR / Mixlr or Ustream. See tweet notifications to see which one.
  4. If you'd like, you can chat in our HTML5 chatroom
  5. Perhaps you might tell your friends to join you at live.jimmerishfm.com
  6. Or follow the #jimmerishfm hashtag on a social media platform of choice.

Live Chat Room

Open Chat In Separate Window

To Register Your Current Nickname Type:
/msg nickserv register typeyourpasswordhere typeyouremailaddresshere
To Chat With Your Own IRC Client:
Join the #jimmerishfm channel on microvolt.us-ny.voltirc.net (Colloquy recommended for iPhone/iPod)