Ask The Betties A Question

You can ask the Betties (and the Beast) any question you would like us to try and answer/discuss on the show using Ask.fm. You can remain anonymous but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave a nickname/pseudonym so that we can refer to you on air without giving away your real identity.

Then check to see if we have answered your question by subscribing to the Betty and Beast podcasts from the iTunes Store.

Follow us on Ask.fm here or send us an email to askbetty[at]jimmerishfm.com (Replace [at] with @) and give us a nickname/pseudonym along with your question. We promise to never give out your real name or email address on the air.

Or send us a question on Twitter.  Just use the hash tag #askbetty with your question and we'll find it!

We look forward to your questions!

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